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panchakarma day#5

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soo tired today. I took a 3.5-hour nap and am in bed at 9.30pm. I'm feeling bloated and have been running to the bathroom a bit but other than that I am mostly just moving more slowly than id like.

I met a family from Evanston today. not the classiest bunch, and the kids were so not impressed by the coincidence, but that was kindof fun. I also found a place that makes n excellent thali, which is basically a big plate with rice in the middle and side dishes (usually a curry, yogurt/ curd of some sort, and pickled somethings) and then a scoop of dahl in the middle. then they come around and refill until you are full. this place also gives you nice fish, freshly caught from the sea... all for a grand total of... 30 rupees-- 60 cents!! grand!! with a Mel like that and my oatmeal and honey and bananas in the morning, I am spending about $13/ day including accommodation. lovely!

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Panchakarma day#4

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whoops forgot to post yesterday. nothing different in terms of the treatment, though I forgot to mention that they eye drops everyday now that feel like poison fir a few minutes, so painful it makes me nauseous. but after that it is fine. someone commented on how bright my eyes are. coincidence? you decide. emotionally I am feeling more grounded. more stable. so that's good. went for a run on the beach which felt amazing. I've met two of my lovely neighbors, Margaret from England and Berde from denmark. everyone is quiet and lovely and thoughtful. I've spoken with some other people on the beach and I guess this is the best clinic for panchakarma. how lucky that I didn't have to do any shopping around! I do wish I had more specific information about the procedures, but I think I will do some more reading when I get home so as to not have any expectations before I'm done.

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panchakarma day#3

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today was the same as yesterday: oleation, or oil massage, to loosen up the toxins in the cells of the body. all cells hold toxins and metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury. the oil is meant to leech these from the cells so they are loosened and released into, for example, the blood stream. following the oil massage, the herbs are applied with an oiled cloth. the oil on the cloth aids in transferring the herbs onto the skin. after this, the steam bath helps me sweat out the loose toxins. naturally, not all toxins are released from the skin, but also from digestive system. they circulate in he blood through the liver, etc then accumulate as waste and are excreted. hence the oil enema. the enema allows the toxins that are being rid of in this way pass through more easily, as well as loosening the toxins from the end of the digestive system. it isn't uncomfortable or aggressive.

so every morning I will do some form or another of these treatments. in about 5 days I will have to do a major enema. these treatments are preparing my body for it. meanwhile, the toxins that are being released are not only chemical toxins, but are also believed to be emotional toxins and memories. this makes so much sense to me after this morning, when I woke up so sad and lonely. dr. Sambhu said that I am likely to experience a dull range of negative emotions, as I release these toxins of sorts from my body. I'm sure some of you who read this are skeptical, and I am a bit as well. but given the doctor's evaluation if how I'm doing, my constitution, and problems I'm likely to have hd in the past, just from looking at me, my age, and a handful of other answers I'd given him, I know that there must be something to it. I also have to have some faith that a medical system over 3,000 years old has some merit.

I still don't like kovalam beach and still feel like the youngest one here, but think that is a food thing, as too many things to do and too many distractions might take away from the panchakarma. besides, I am so exhausted most ofthe time that I'd be disappointed I'd I couldn't take advantage of all there is to do. blessing in disguise, I suppose.

I'm on my second book in 2 days. we'll see how fast I get through this one.

I hope I've left you with pleasant thoughts of oil enemas and toxins in the blood

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Day 2 of Panchakarma

This morning i woke up and did an hour of yoga by myself on the rooftop of the clinic. sooo great. i had three miniature bananas and some tea then started my treatment at 9am.

today involved the same thing with some additions: after oiling me up, herbs were placed in an oiled cloth pouch then pounded into my skin. i'm not sure what the herbs were, but i do know this: the oil is meant to loosen toxins in the body and then the steam bath helps you sweat them out. the herbs are meant to be a little more aggressive in leeching the toxins from the cells of my body. she also put oil in my ears and nose, which didn't feel different, except after 15 minutes when the oil dripped into my mouth...

then. she asked me to turn on my side again and i saw it: the big syringe of oil. an enema.

a steambath and shower followed.

about 15 minutes after the shower, i had to use the toilet urgently, but it wasn't bad. and then i was exhausted. i'm used to having a lot of energy, so this was frustrating to me, but i took it easy for the day, reading, laying around, and such.

i will write more tomorrow about the alleged benefits of all this stuff, as well as more information about the doctor's evaulation of me and my constitution.

good night!

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Pachakarma Day 1

i arrived around 4pm and at 5 or so had my first treatment.

completely stripped down, a female practitioner massaged my head, neck, and scalp with heated oil while i sat on a little stool. next, i lay down on my stomach and she massaged warmed sesame oil (good for balancing one of the doshas) into my skin. she did the same as i lay on my sides and back.

then she placed a raised copper kettle directly over my forehead and through a hole in the bottom of it allowed more heated sesame oil to drip over my forehead and onto my scalp. every once in a while, she moved it from side to side. it was sooo relaxing.

drenched in copious amounts of oil, i was then moved to the 'steam bath'- aka the chamber of suffocating heat. i sat in a chair enclosed in a 3-sided wooden box and then she slid a 'door' in front of me. mind you, semi-circles were in both parts so only my head was sticking out. then she stuffed any remaining space with a towel so nly my nose and above was exposed. i was DRIPPING in sweat and had a few moments of panic. it lasted about 15 minutes.

then she took me out, thankfully, and brought me to the shower, where she rubbed ayurvedic healing herbs all over me and then i rinsed the oil and herbs off.

i didn't feel different, but i did feel relaxed.

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