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Panchakarma- an Ayurvedic cleanse

awww yeah.

okay, so at the request of my friend at Yogaview, I hunted down Dr. Sambhu, an ayurvedic doctor. what is ayurvedic medicine, you say? hm. well, translated directly, it means 'the science of life'. it looks at health and life and longevity in a holistic way. i've been reading about it for the last few years and to consult with a doctor trained in this in the states is difficult and expensive. Kerala, the state in which i'm traveling, is famous for Ayurveda, so here i am. in the medicine, much of what determines how we can achieve optimum health is our balance or imbalance of the doshas. doshas are similar to the elements in traditional chinese medicine. we all have all three of them in different amounts, and the dominant one(s) are what need to be pacified. it's truly fascinating and i encourage you to read about it if you have the time. anyway, after a few years of reading about this, i thought i knew what my constitution was, but after seeing my doctor, i learned i was wrong. i actually have a rare balance of all three (niiice) as my constitution. but i still have imbalances caused by my age,the time of year, and my past.

i've decided to do a detox called Panchakarma ('5 processes'). there are 5 methods of detoxifying the body, which your doctor determines based on your constitution. some are more aggressive than others, so i decided to document what i go through. it will be 10-14 days, though after2 days in this place i'm only doing 10. i will update the panchakarma blog hopefully every day, as there's not much else to do here :) the hope is that after the 10 days all doshas will be balanced and my immunity strengthened, skin brighter, digestive system clean and clear. here's to hoping!

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