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Panchakarm Day #10- last day

musings. a.k.a. "It's yewer ehdventure now, isn't et, Mahgie"

nothing really significant to note here, except that i got some extra TLC on my face in the form of more Ayurvedic herbs. lovely. i will be sad to not start everyday with an oil massage. i will NOT be super sad, however, to not start the day with an oil-mixed-with-herbs-that-feel-like-sandpaper-massage. that i can do without. though i will say, my skin is soooo soft...

this morning, the doorman/ guard told me (kind of, it was more like a game of charades) that he was going home to sleep and i wouldn't see him before i leave. he is the sweetest man: he's about 3/4 my height, has little legs and a big belly, wears his pants up high, has a big white mustache, and always has a huge smile on his face. i will be sad not to see him everyday, as the pleasantries we exchange are well-meaning and light-hearted. he kept shaking my hand and and saying something, moving his fingers from his eyes to his chest. then i realized he was actually crying. how strange a life, though i know it is like that for many jobs- saying hello, then saying goodbye. he made me smile.

so, something i realized: i will remember these places, i will remember the temples and the things i've seen. but mostly, i will remember the people. and oh my, there have been some funny people.

meet Marcel, the German from Varkala. i hung out with him for a few days, and now i cannot quite be sure why. he was fun and nice enough, but after a few days things turned sour and in retrospect, i am seeing the red flags. here are some incidents i have collected form my memory:

- "People always think i am 10 years younger than I really am, it's crazy... by the way, i noticed you have quite a bit of gray hair"
- "Ah, quatsch! Stupid dog" [repeat x10] he was wearing white Aladdin pants (WHITE) to a bar that was in the dirt roads, behind a beach, where dogs roam around all the time. white. pants. get. dirty.
- "look, it's almost the same color". in his swimsuit, he pointed to his chest, then pulled his shorts down slightly to show me that he was nearly the same color- everywhere. everyday he tanned for 15 minutes, naked, in the water, just far enough so no one could see him. it seemed dreadfully uptight.
- whining when the waiter came with a cup of tea, not a small pot. the waiter had been working, at that point, 12 hours already that day.
- Kristin, a girl i met at the airport in KTM, was there, too. these two did not mesh well, it was clear. and it was so funny to watch them avoid each other.
- so i woke up one day and decided i needed to leave. i ran into Marcel on the road and asked if he wanted to have lunch before i left for my train. he said, 'We'll see, maybe.' so i left without saying bye to him. i felt horribly bad, and as if bad karma was headed my way. alas, i have convinced myself otherwise.

i don't remember her name, but there was a woman at my dorm in Varkala from Wales. she was the hottest grandmother i have ever met, and such good energy. i had a funny look on my face and she asked me why adn i told her about the German. she said, in her lovey accent, "It's yewer ehdventure now, isn't et, Mahgie?" Damn straight it is. that has become my mantra now. i will do what i want to do. this is MY adventure.

more characters coming your way in other posts.

i am off to Kochin tomorrow, where there is a place called Jew Town. yes, please.
from there, i will do the Kerala backwaters. grand! i will be sad to be away from a beach, but i am eager to go see and do Indian things. and be away from old couples in their fresh white linen dinner outfits.

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