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Panchakarma Day #7

a.k.a. the big day

i know, you've been DYING to know how it went. i was so exhausted that i didn't have it in me to do anything that day, and then internet and electricity have been erratic since then. so now i will recap: (please do not read if others have made you at all squeamish)

i started at 7am. i only did the oil massage - so no packets of herbs were pounded against me, no eye drops, no oil in the ears or nostrils. i did a short steam bath, only about 5-10 minutes. then Dr. Sambhu came in and gave me directions and told me what to expect from the big enema (which i promptly forgot) and he went to go prepare it while Rada massaged my back with more oil as i laid on my side. Rada is a perfect match for me- she does things that are very maternal, but not coddling.. Dr. S. came in (up until this point, only Rada had been with me during the treatments) and rubbed my back a bit then administered the enema. he explained that in it, instead of the usual oil, was oatmeal, gooseberries, honey, and more nutrients. i had to wonder why i wasn't just eating it and was instead putting it in another part of my body. but i didn't question it. there was soooo much of it and it was strange to watch my body respond to it. it was like a time lapse of eating too much and getting full, then constipated, then the fullness moved up and up into my belly. it wasn't painful, but it was extremely uncomfortable. i then laid on my back, was told to bring my knees into my chest seven times (i don't know why), then i was instructed to head straight to the toilet, which didn't need any prompting.

we'll skip the details of the next part; i'm sure you can guess what happened.

so this is essentially what was going on: up until this day, the oil was, as i explained, leeching toxins out of the cells and loosening them up, releasing them into the bloodstream. so the toxins were collecting in the digestive system. the oil enemas were bringing these collected toxins even further from the cells. so imagine all of these toxins have assembled in the colon and are just hanging out, wondering what to do and where to go next. so here comes the big enema of oatmeal and other goodies. this enema gathers around the toxins and ushers them out of the body.

the result was more frequent trips to the bathroom and complete, utter exhaustion. i slept for three hours afterwards, had some lunch (the only place at the thali place was in the sun, so i was dripping with sweat, worried that i would explode, and nearly falling over with exhaustion- a winning feeling), then went back for another 4 hours of sleep. i had some dinner, came back, and was asleep again by 9pm, only to sleep 9 more hours.

my mind was calm- it was certainly still going, from this thought to the next, but it was slowing down quite a bit, which was nice for a change.

i had some funny realizations which i will share in another entry.

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yikers! does you feel it made a difference after a few days? i mean, does it have a longer restorative effect?

by nellini

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