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Panchakarma day#6

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i took a sivananda yoga class this morning. it was nice and relaxing, behind a maze of guesthouses and rice paddies, coconut trees, breezes, and the sea in the distance. he put us into plough pose early on and I pushed it, so I'm a bit sore, but no worries: Radna worked most of it during the oil massage. today was more of the usual- eating when I'm not hungry just to give structure to the day. but I think I am starting to get some people to smile now, which is fun and way harder than it was in varkala! I think it's because I flirted there and here I have my guard up and don't feel like dealing with people much.. anyway, met a girl who told me about an intense vinyasa class, so I will try that as soon as possible. the treatment today was also same as usual. but tomorrow, oh tomorrow, is big enema day. Dr. Sambhu spreads his fingers out like fireworks, like an explosion, when he talks about it. so that's something to look forward to. he said earlier is better, so we will do it at 7am. I then am expected to take it easy the rest of the day, as it is meant to wear you out from all the cleansing you are doing. nice. I met a Swedish woman who says she had taken sleeping pills for five years and had no need for them after this. pretty cool. but what about people like me who aren't dependent on drugs and who are in good general health? time will tell. people have told me they feel the effects long after they finish. I have shown signs, though, of malabsorption on my tongue (grooves that line the edge of my tongue where it pushes up against my teeth) for several years now, consistently, and they are noticeably less pronounced, so that is fun. so hopefully tomorrow I'll have enough energy for swimming, yoga, or surfing, but I imagine i will be limited to waddling over to the tailor's to pick up my new, tailor-made pants for $5. my life is so hard.

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Mags, it sounds like yoga: it must be good for you if it hurts so much. good to talk to you.

by pcompernolle

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